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Today, buyers looking for a home tend to browse MLS listings online. The photographs of your listing will either entice buyers to dial your number or cause them to scroll on by. 

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Your real estate listing photography impacts the desirability of a property and your brand and stature. Sellers may approach you to sell their home based on how you marketed their neighbor's home. Every listing is an advertisement for your services. Ensure you are marketing yourself with high-quality photography that the MLS Camera Guy can unequivocally provide.




Exit Realty Horizons

El Paso, TX

“I Love Love Love it!!! Thank you so much, Art! Your professionalism & passion for your work is amazing. You gave your best in order to capture this property at its best which allows us to present our best...You are top notch and definitely secured yourself a Raving Fan for life!!”

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MLS Camera Guy has been providing high quality, professional real estate photography in El Paso and Las Cruces since 2014. To get the best real estate photography for any home, allow us to properly showcase your listings. Our professional photographers will be able to provide the perfect lighting with our high end equipment and will know how to highlight the best angles to create a positive emotional response in a buyer. Turning prospects into buyers is what we do best.


Walk through the property

Find the best angles

Look for points of interest and unique features


Highlight selling features

Tell the story of the home 

Select the right equipment for the assignment, capture, and edit each image using our proprietary editing protocol

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