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We create a visual experience that excites, engages, and evokes.

MLS Camera Guy has been delivering real estate photography services to the El Paso, Texas, Las Cruces, New Mexico and surrounding areas since 2014.

Our customers hire us because we take our skill set seriously. We are constantly learning to improve the output of the photos we create and deliver. Our customer service is another reason our customers return and tout our name.

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Broker-Marketto Real Estate

El Paso, TX

"Art, thank you for all your wonderful work.  You are truly a magnificent artist, and I appreciate all your attention to detail. I also appreciate how quick and responsive you are to emails too. I look forward to working with you again on the next project."

Art Moreno Jr. is a highly experienced photographer who knows how to best showcase a home for sale, a rental, an Airbnb, or commercial property. With over 40 years of picture-taking experience and an experienced real estate broker of over 16 years, his combined background makes him uniquely qualified to showcase a property for maximum results properly. In addition, he understands the importance of the relationships REALTORS® make with their sellers, and does everything he can to help promote his customer to their seller.

Our real estate photography is featured in local El Paso publications: The City Spaces magazine and Su Casa magazine.  In addition, the online magazine, Apartment Therapy features some of our work. Cynthia Lopez of Agave Real Estate Group used MLS Camera Guy's professional photography and said, “You are the best! You knocked it out of the ballpark! I am very grateful that you did this for me and so quickly, I must say.”


art moreno photographer

ART MORENO JR., proprietor, grew up in a locally owned camera store business. In addition, Art comes from a lineage of photography lovers who have learned the art of holding-your-breath-while-you-squeeeeeeez-the-shutter [to avoid camera movement]. As a young boy, Art's dad (Art Sr.) introduced him to his first camera (Polaroid Swinger). More interestingly, Art Sr. was introduced to his first camera by his dad (Juan) when he was a young boy. The legacy continues as Art Jr. is now sharing his passion for image-capturing with his son, David; a fourth-generation photographer. Today, Art continues to explore his love for capturing memories and invoking emotional reactions as an entrepreneur and Accredited Staging Professional. 

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Our Trained and Experienced Team

Some ask about the differences in style between Art and his on-staff professional photographers. In short, Art trains his photographers in his shooting style/protocol, especially in developing the art of finding the ideal angle. He and his staff use the same camera system to ensure output consistency. This training includes the use of one lens specifically catered to real estate photography and a protocol that works for 95% of our assignments. However, sometimes a task (i.e., luxury home, Airbnb, unique home, commercial project, twilight photography, night photography, floor plan, magazine work, discerning homeowner, etc.) will require an approach that requires Art's personal attention. Art’s skill set includes the use of multiple lenses, multiple flash, a higher-end camera system with specialized lenses, and over 40 years of experience finding angles and manipulating light.

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DAVID spent a large part of his childhood being the designated family photo and video taker when dinosaurs roamed the land. He fondly remembers using Polaroid and 35mm film cameras, Super 8mm, and VHS video. With an inherent artistic eye and experience as a hybrid shooter (still/film/video), David has many years of experience capturing the perfect image. In addition, he has a Part-107 Drone License. Besides photography, he focuses his time on multiple disciplines: fine art/illustrating, music, and writing. David lives in El Paso, Texas, with his feisty female Terrier Chihuahua, “Monkey.” He’s a devoted Christian who enjoys listening to music, reading, watching movies, and working out at the gym.  

respected real estate photographer in el paso

MARGARET is a native El Pasoan whose husband is active in the real estate arena for over 25 years. Margaret has been taking pictures for her husband's business and decided to take her passion for architectural photography to the next level. Finding and capturing creative angles comes naturally to Margaret. She is mother of three and an active volunteer for refugee services in our community.

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ABRAHAM is a professional photographer based in El Paso, Texas, working in surrounding areas. He initially started taking photographs as a hobby when he was very young. Eventually, his family and friends began to compliment and recognize his knack for artistic expression and attention to detail. Through their encouragement, Abraham eventually realized the opportunity, feeling called to make his career behind the camera lens, and started working professionally as a photographer in 2014. A people person, experienced in real estate and event photography, who loves what he does, prides himself in giving every shot his 100 percent and portraying the subject in its best light while keeping its character's true nature and essence.

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DAVID is the son of Art Jr. He is currently enrolled in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Program at The University of Texas at El Paso and assists his dad when his schedule allows. With a keen eye for angles and a passion for picture-taking, David follows in his dad's footsteps as an angle-master. He also has a Part-107 Drone License and has obtained his single-engine pilot's license. In his spare time, David teaches tennis. 

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