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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. But, of course, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Good Morning Art- Many thanks for the beautiful photos. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with you and Aida. We believe the photos turned out wonderful and will serve as a wonderful investment. Regards,

Brent, Homeowner 

Art! You are exceptional! This is why I will not use anyone else.

Pati Santamaria, Premier Real Estate


They are beautiful, just as I expected. You are the best.

Paula Kesner, Century 21 The Edge


Thank you, Art. Wonderful photos. I look forward to working again with you soon!

David Kohler, Prosperous Real Estate. 


Good morning, Art. Thank you for sharing this information and your fee schedule. I completely understand and, furthermore, appreciate you & Ladonna for your talent, skills, and ability to offer this level of service.  I feel strongly that it's our responsibility as realtors to offer our clients the best service possible.  I have seen firsthand the incredible difference in your work, and I appreciate that this comes with added skill, equipment, time, and cost.  It's evident that individually and collectively, you and Ladonna are the best team in town and offer the highest quality of work.  I appreciate you both very much, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.  Kind regards, 

Priscilla Cossentino, Sandy Messer & Associates


Thank you, Art. These photos and the edits look fantastic.

Ben Beard, Redcliff Homes


Hi Art, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the invaluable assistance and guidance you offered during our recent conversation regarding real estate photography. Your expertise, kindness, and professionalism were immensely appreciated. Your willingness to share insights and advice, as well as the time you dedicated to discussing the nuances of capturing the essence of luxury homes through photography, was truly commendable. Once again, thank you for your time, guidance, and heartfelt letter. With sincere appreciation,

Hermie E. Eugenio, Owner-Broker - Sunflower Realty

Thank you for always doing such a great job!

Dustie Lee Carpenter, Prosperous Real Estate


THANK YOU for the amazing photos!

Terianne Morrison Everhart, Qualifying Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

Love the photos. Thanks for the quick, friendly, and beautiful work!

Christopher Cardenas, Attorney at Law


These came out great, as always. Thank you so much!

TaylorRae Clark, Select Realty


Art, the Airbnb pics came out great. Thanks for all your help!

Hector Lerma, MD


I appreciate the quick turnaround, Art. Great work as always.

Ben Corral, Prosper Real Estate


Thank you so much, Art. They came out beautiful!

Gloria Apodaca, Center Real Estate


Wow, Art this is amazing! Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of the efforts this must have taken. It’s beautiful!! 

Kaelii Jade Lopez, Clear View Realty


The seller cannot stop talking about how phenomenal your pictures are. She is an artist so she totally appreciates your work.

Giles Weisenberger, Coldwell Banker Heritage


Good morning, Art. The photos look great! We appreciate you very much.

Jordan, Texas Bank


Good afternoon, Art. The pictures look amazing! We will definitely keep you in mind for future property pictures.

Manuel, Investor


Art, thank you very much. We love the pictures!

Maria, Airbnb Owner


Art, they look very nice! Already used a couple of them on a preliminary flyer!

Stan Okies, Consultants of Real Estate, LLC

Thank you for the fabulous photos! You never disappoint! My clients are going to be elated!

Kristi Provencio, Century 21 The Edge


Thank you, Art. They are great photos!

Margarita Eddings, Berkshire Hathaway


Your standard of excellence does not go unnoticed. Thank you so much. You are truly the best in the business.

Lauren Mlouhi, Crown Heritage Custom Homes

Art, Your work is outstanding! Thank you.

Bill Bellomy, Versal Partners

You are literally the best, my friend.

Justin Grant, Exit Realty Horizons


Thank you so much. The pictures look amazing. I appreciate all you have done for me the last 4 years. You always bent over backwards for me. I will miss you and your talent. Thank you again. 

Brenda Pike, Cornerstone Realty


I appreciate your kind words and great work. These are fabulous!

Cynthia Peak Hoffmann, Keller Williams Las Cruces


Leticia Rodriguez-Flores, Exit Realty Horizons


Thank you, Art! I really appreciate you and Carlos. Y'all are a vital piece to my business and I so appreciate you! 

Kaily Palmer, Exit Realty Horizons


They look great! Thank you!

Luis Molina, Monarch Homes


Thank you! The pictures are amazing!

Juanita Garcia, ICON Homes


Art, thanks so much for making the extra effort to get a couple more exteriors for us! These are great, and I always appreciate how you go above and beyond, even if our deals are a little wild.

Kirk Tardy - Marcus & Millichap

The pictures turned out AMAZING Art! You are so talented. Thank you so much again!

Amber Mlouhi, Crown Heritage Custom Homes


Amazing editing work, Art! I told the Sellers that you are an artist~I was right! David did an amazing job as well!

Michelle Smith, Exit Realty Horizons

Thank you, Art. David did a wonderful job with the pictures. The homeowners were really impressed with the photos!

Amanda Dominquez - Enchanted Sun Realty

Art, I want to thank you for your help. This image looks awesome! 

John Brauer - print shop owner


This is fabulous. Thanks again for all your work on this.



Art was an absolute pleasure to work with! A true master of his craft!

David - homeowner


HOLY SMOKES! They came out amazing! You are the best!!

Andra Gibbs, Exit Realty Horizons


Dang good job!

Erika Okinga, Morningstar Legacy Sales & Leasing

Thank you. They look amazing.

Kim Weiser, Keller Williams - Dallas, TX


Art, you are truly a master. All the work is outstanding and a simple email does not suffice to say how appreciative I am of you and Ladonna's extra efforts. Your service, dedication, passion and attentiveness are truly outstanding and beyond appreciated.

Christopher Esper, Root Architects


This is stunning. I cannot believe you got it all done in virtually 24 hours. I really love your work. You do absolutely extraordinary work and we are blessed to have found you.

Marilyn & Bill Montgomery

These look fabulous! I appreciate the work you and David do!

TaylorRae Clark, Exit Realty Horizons


Thank you so much Art! You have a real gift and are a big part of our success.

Danielle Pidgeon, Interior Designer

Hey Art, I just saw the pictures and they blew me away! You’re awesome at what you do! 

Lauren, Crown Heritage Homes


Thank you Art. You never disappoint. These are beautiful!

Nadia Baem, Sky Brokerage

There is no doubt in mind that you are worth your fee. Thank you so much for always being so reliable and consistent in the quality of work.

Diana Verdugo, LCP Realty

Wow! Wow! These are mazing! Thank you, Art

Andrea Gibbs, Exit Realty Horizons


Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos!  These are sure to get lots of attention, they are beautiful. We appreciate all your hard work. Hope to bring you more business in the future!

Rachel Ludeman, Sandy Messer & Associates


Most beautiful ever!  How can you ever choose which ones to use?  Art is an artist!  Never seen such quality!  

Tim Sellers, homeowner


Thank you! again for such fine artistry.  Much appreciated and look forward to having you back.

Dan Cook, Better Homes & Gardens Silver City, NM

Thank you for your help. Your pictures are fabulous!!! I loved the floor plans as well. Thank you for the extra effort. It was a nice surprise. 

David Estrada, Broker


I’m just reviewing the photos and the place looks fantastic! Great angles, perspectives and I especially like the day/night comparisons! They’re the exact image taken at different times. Thanks for the great work!

Stan Okies, CORE Real Estate

Thank you, Art. Pictures are beautiful.

Manny Patino, One Stop Realty


What house is this, cause it is not Jim Webb....hahaha...I looked at those pics and thought darn, Art is a magician cause my listing looks AMAZING!

Linda Gunter, Legacy Real Estate Services


Thank you very much for the quick turnaround.  The photos look great.  It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

Mike, C&M Precast Concrete

You are the best! You knocked it out of the ballpark! I am very grateful that you did this for me and so quickly, I must say.

Cynthia Franzoy, Agave Real Estate Group


Wow! Wow! These are phenomenal! Thank you, Art!! Much appreciated. Your work is just phenomenal! I appreciate the positive vibes. No one else even comes close to your and David's work!  

Ashley Parkey, Berkshire Hathaway


I Love Love Love it!!! Thank you so much, Art! Your professionalism & passion for your work is amazing. You gave your best in order to capture this property at its best which allows us to present our best...

You are top notch and definitely secured yourself a Raving Fan for life!!

Michelle Smith, Exit Realty Horizons

Tremendous professional with excellent service. Would recommend to anyone for any photography needs. 

Daniel Ostrower, Financial Analyst - NEWMARK KNIGHT FRANK

Thank you! These look great!


Thanks Art! You bring my work to life!

Robert Phillips, Robert Phillips Construction


Wow Art!! These are absolutely amazing!

Austin Tharp, Arising Real Estate Group


Thank you so much, Art! The pictures look amazing!

Alexandra Alvarez, Marketing Director - Tropicana Homes


You are wildly courteous. Thank you so much.

Eric Smith, Cornerstone Realty


Top notch photos, bro. Thanks again!

Thomas Folden, EXP Realty


These photos look great as always.  Thanks again for your work on these.

Kirk Tardy, Marcus & Millichamp


Thank you! You did an amazing job! We Love them!

Carmen, Homeowner


Good afternoon Art. Phenomenal! I didn't know I lived in such a such a place. Wow!

Ross Landers, Ross Landers Interiors


Thank you for your cooperation and for your audacious and relentless perfection.

Xavier Moya, Broker-The Homes 4 Sale Store  


I'm very pleased with the pictures! Thank you so much, Art!

Yazmin Welsh, Realty One Group-Mendez Burk


Wow! Gorgeous! Thanks!

Franchesca Davila, Exit Realty Horizons


Thanks for the fast turn-around. Photos look fantastic! See you next time!

Carl Krause, Exit Realty Horizons


Art, thank you for all your wonderful work.  You are truly a magnificent artist, and I appreciate all your attention to detail.  I also appreciate how quick and responsive you are to emails too. I look forward to working with you again on the next project. Nicholas Marketto, Broker-Marketto Real Estate


Those are wonderful pictures. Art is a master of his craft. I would buy that house in a minute just from the pictures.

Dr. Rodriguez, homeowner


Art is an absolute pleasure to work with. His professionalism and his sharp eye to detail is amazing! He went out of his way to make sure his delivery was exactly what we were looking for to list my clients home. He is a true professional and I can not wait to work with him again! Thank you Art!

Michelle Hernandez, Home Pros Real Estate Group


OH MY WORD! ART!!!! They are so stunning! You are THE BEST!

Scarlett Mercer, Coldwell Banker Legacy


Art-WOW-What talent! Amazing! Thank you for your dedication. I appreciate all you do.

Susan Flores, Keller Williams Realty


Thank you so much. You have been great to work with. I appreciate the timely manner in getting me the pictures. I hope to need your services often.

Brenda Pike, Cornerstone Realty


Wonderful, Art! Photos look amazing! I appreciate how David took the time to help us make little adjustments to make the home shine. I will definitely be using your services again in the future.

Jennifer Goodman, Exit Realty Horizons


You always exceed expectations!

Sandy Messer, Broker/Owner Sandy Messer and Associates


My photographer, Art Moreno, Jr., is SIMPLY the BEST! Art holds true honesty, value and integrity!

Jackie Stevens, Home Pros Real Estate Group


Thank you so much. You've been such a pleasure to work with and we greatly appreciate your generosity and attention. The photos are even better than I expected. I hope we get to work together again.

Athena Schmid, Marketing Director, Chelsea Investment Corporation


Thanks so much Art! Your editing is the bomb diggity!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate you putting a rush on it. :-)

Bita Mobbs, Sandy Messer and Associates


Amazing! Amazing! Thank you so much.  If these pictures don't sell it, nothing will!!!

Giles Weisenberger, Legacy Real Estate Services


Amazing pictures, Art!  You're the best!

Daniel Astorga, Leon Real Estate


Great Shots!  Thanks Art!

Kim North, The City Magazine


Art, thank you and your associate for my client's beautiful listing pictures. Your work is amazing. 

Jocelyn Gomez, ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates


These photos are amazing. You will be getting a lot more business from me. Thank you for everything.

Jackie York, Century 21 The Edge


Thank you, Art.  You are truly talented. I commend you immensely and am honored to have worked with you on this.

Nadia Baem, Sky Realty


Thank you Art! They look Amazing!

Austin Tharp, Keller Williams, Las Cruces, NM


The are amazing Art!  We appreciate everything that is put into taking these great pictures!!

Alexandra Alvarez, Marketing Manager for Tropicana Homes


I feel so lucky to be able to work with you. I love how passionate you are about anything that you do! You always go above and beyond!

Cynthia Franzoy, Keller Williams Las Cruces, NM


Art, thank you for always being so professional. It is a joy to work with you!

Chris Folmer, Folmer Residential Group

Hi Art! Beautiful photos thanks again! I just wanted to commend you on what you did with the fireplace and master bathroom window. You are such a genius! 

Abrie Maree, One Realty El Paso


You are a genius.

Claudia Hargrove, Coldwell Banker Legacy


Hi Art! The video is fantastic.! You did such an amazing job! My client is going to be thrilled. Thank you again and I will be in touch.

Susan Flores, Keller Williams


You are sooo good ....I'm not going to tell anyone though, or you won't have time for me!!!  Just joking!

Linda Gunter, Legacy Real Estate Services


You are absolutely the best.  Not only are you the best photographer, you are an exceptionally nice guy.

Giles Weisenberger, Legacy Real Estate Services


Art--good morning. The last two homes that were photographed by you were under contract within 4 days.  Pictures make the world of difference. Thank you!

Kate Helsten, Coldwell Banker Legacy


Just so you know, the pics were absolutely fantastic!  We got 4 offers in 3 hours! Plus, one of the agents was so impressed with your work, she will be calling you. 

Patti Musshorn, Majestic REALTORS

Art, Thank you for your work--you are the best! Nice and easy to work with, accommodating, professional, no attitude....the list goes on!  The pictures are wonderful.  Thank you for making me look so good!

Ellen Speights, Broker, Legacy Real Estate Services


I appreciate your professionalism and good work, sir!

T. Spear, Homeowner


Hi Patti, I wanted to email you some kind words regarding Art. He was punctual, extremely professional and most importantly, walked the talk when it came to pictures. The results he produced are amazing.  

Alex, Home Owner


Pictures are fantastic!

Sue Woo, Sandy Messer and Associates


I'm Sold!  Ha! Ha!  They look great!  Thanks for making my home look so good! Best regards.

Trish, Home Owner


Art - the pictures look absolutely incredible. The lighting, colors, angles, and depth achieved really showcase the property. So glad it was a sunny day. We are confident the photographs will help sell the house. They are beautiful. We are excited. Thank you.

Erika, Home Owner


When I was given your name as the best to take pictures of my house I really did not expect the level of excellence and creativity…. well done thanks….

Bill Haas, Home Owner

This is incredible! What a fantastic job. 

Susana Betts, Century 21 The Edge


Thank you Art. Beautiful pictures. Only an artist could understand the house.  

Norma Martinez, Coldwell Banker Legacy


Thanks for under-promising and over-delivering, sir! The pictures look great and just in time for the weekend. Awesome. Thank you. 

Leslie Driggers, President-Homes by Design, LLC


DIANE! These pictures BEAUTIFUL!!! Art did such an AMAZING job! Please tell him thank you SOOO much!!!! SUPER impressed!!!! 



They were incredible! 

Lupe Mata, Broker , Premier Real Estate


Many thanks for your impeccable eye, your unflinching professionalism and your delightful character. Always a pleasure working with you. 

Maro Fushille, The Real Estate Powerhouses


Art, the pictures you took on Calle Parque and Country Club were so amazing . The out of town buyers were especially impressed. Thanks for making me look good in the MLS and 

David Torres, Broker - International Real Estate Consultants


Art, the photos you took of Heritage Farms and the model home are not only beautiful, they are worth a thousand words!! We actually had visitors to the property that came because they could not believe what they had seen in the photos!! Great job. Thank you.  

Kristi Eddings, Broker/Builder/Developer, Heritage Farms


Your pictures I'm sure were what attracted so many showings, thanx! - Diana Perez, Coldwell Banker

So happy I ordered photos from Art--my client was thrilled, feedback was immediate; would definitely order again. Great service too!

Jeanette Lozano, Lozano Real Estate Group


Thank you so much! The photos are fabulous!!! You made the this property look like a doll house!  

Samantha Valle, ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates


Thank you Art. They are beautiful. You are not charging enough. - Sandy Messer, Broker-Sandy Messer and Associates

WOW ART! We live there? Marvelous pictures! You definitely have gifted eyes. May the Lord prosper and bless you.

Richard and Emma, Homeowners


I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had with Art Moreno. I contracted his services for professional photography of a property listed for sale recently. In the 12+ years that I have done real estate, never had I dealt with a photographer that was so hands on. Because of his background in real estate, he was also able to reiterate the suggestions I had given to my clients. Because of his background in photography, he guided my clients to make the needed changes to showcase their home beautifully. Having someone to confirm and reinforce my advice has saved time and will help to ensure that my clients sell their home in a shorter time and for the highest price possible. His guidance of my clients only elevated the appeal of the home prior to putting it on the market. He went the extra mile which facilitates my job. I full endorse Art as a real estate photographer and would recommend him to anyone that needs to list a $100,000 or $1,000,000 home. Thank you Art for your great work and professionalism!

Geraldine Kriegbaum-Parra, Coldwell Banker, DeWetter Hovious


Art, we are really impressed with the quality of photos you took of the house. They are outstanding and very artistic. Thank you.

Mazin Khateeb, MD


You are gifted. Awesome angles, phenomenal photos. 

Xavier Moya, Homes4SaleStore


Art, you did an AWESOME job! 

Catherine Payne, Sandy Messer and Associates


Wow! Nice pictures!!!!!

Ryioichi, Home Owner


These pictures make our homes look great! We are very pleased with your work. - Grisel Ortega, Bella Vista Custom Homes, Inc.

Those pics are outstanding! Holy cow! Thank you! Excellent photos, Art! And the seller used the word "Awesome!!" to described your work--thanks so much! 

DJ Mora, ERA Sellers, Buyers and Associates


I believe the pictures look great!!! I am impressed! Thank you for your time and tips and I look forward to working with you on the next one.

David Estrada, Broker of Carefree Realty


Thank you for the great pictures. You definitely know what REALTORS want enhanced in their photos.

Wendy Sudimack, Coldwell Banker


The photos are fabulous! Thank you!!!

Maria Paez, ERA Sellers Buyers and Associates


Fantastic! Really really great. I love the tone - and I particularly like where you really capture the glass doorknob though it is a small detail. Perfect, Thanks and it was great to work with you.

Lynn Westbrook, Home Pros Real Estate Group

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