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Virtual Staging

What is Virtual Staging?

Staging a house involves setting it up so that it will be as attractive as possible to buyers. It can include temporarily adding furniture and accents as well as removing items that might interfere with the impression the stager wants to create. Typically, it is done with the idea to ensure a positive emotional response when a buyer walks through the property.

But what if the property is vacant or unoccupied? Physically staging a property may not be practical primarily due to the cost of renting furniture. However, the interior of  property can be virtually staged to enhance the ambiance and space of the property. In other words, virtual staging is the process by which furnishings and accessories are digitally added to a captured image. The end result looks visually appealing, logical and making it perfect for online listings and print advertising. 

Once you have all of the images, it is easy to create ancillary listing elements like floor plans. Many house-buying prospects are interested in floor plans because they allow the people to visualize where they will put things, who will go in each bedroom, and similar elements.

Great virtual staging and floor plans do much to get people to stop and really look at a listing. Then, once they have envisioned themselves in the house, they are likely to go ahead and call the realtor. Then, they can move to the next step: seeing the house in person, if desired, and signing an offer.

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