According to the National Association of REALTORS®, nine out of ten buyers begin their search on the web. Plus, shoppers want photos! Do they want fabulous-looking images, decent , good or not so good ones? In fact, the most important tool for a buyer when looking on-line for a home are photos, according to the 2019 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report. 


Other Benefits/

  • Increases the marketability of a property and possibly shortens its market tenure

  • When a property is staged, its marketability is improved multi-fold

  • An agent may potentially get more listings; tells the seller and the world a licensee is serious about their business

  • Showcases the seller's property in the best light possible. The beauty of property's architectural characteristics is highlighted via the creative eye of the photographer

  • GEPAR-compliant (a listing sign will be enhanced-out from any of the images)

  • Improves the image of the sponsoring broker or brokerage company

  • Elevates the local level of professionalism for El Paso, Texas real estate licensees

  • Hiring a professional photographer for listing photos pays off according to latest Redfin study

  • Picture taking of single family homes in El Paso is an art that showcases the property as well as the listing agent.


"What room is that?” is what we want a buyer to ask when they see one of our images in a listing.

In other words, we strive to create or stir emotion and intrigue in a viewer’s mind. So much so the prospective

buyer will want to preview the property and literally look for the angle seen on the listing agent’s marketing

platform. And while at the property, the buyer ideally falls in love with the property... and makes an offer.  


A True Story/


A real estate licensee earned a new listing. When the licensee asked the seller how and why he found him, the seller responded, "We saw how you marketed our neighbor's home on the internet and we were impressed".