When preparing a property for picture-taking, lighting can have a drastic effect on the final output. Note the yellow cast on the left image produced with warm or soft white light bulbs. These bulbs have a color temperature of substantially less than 5,000k (k=kelvin). 
     Using daylight-balance light bulbs (also known as white balance) is always preferable for two reasons: (1) it makes the photographer's job easier and (2) it produces a more realistic and flattering viewing experience. 
     Daylight-balanced florescent light bulbs with a color temperature of at least 5,000k can be inexpensively purchased at Walmart, Lowes or Home Deport for example, in 40w, 60w and 100w equivalent.  LED  daylight-balanced light bulbs are also available but cost 3-4 times more than florescent bulbs. However, LED light bulbs use even less energy than florescent bulbs.‚Äč
     Be sure and look for the color temperature on the packaging to read 5,000k and/or indicate the bulb is "daylight".  The extra effort in taking this small step to improve the interior's lighting  will go a long ways to ensuring a property's optimum marketability. 

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